The homelessness phenomenon has become a pain among the residents of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. This phenomenon obliterates without discrimination not respecting age, sex, ethnicity, profession, or economic status. Now, these days, homeless people are ubiquitous. We can find them on tents or cars, on the streets, under bridges, parks, someone's property, abandoned structures, parking lots, etc. Shelters in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles are at capacity denying services to hundreds of them. Lack of resources makes homeless people invade restricted places depriving residents of safety.

In 2018, students from USC reported that about 58,000 residents of the Los Angeles community experience having no home for at least one night. Nevertheless, the Los Angeles Times believes that California has been negligent in addressing its own housing needs. Many Angelenos complaint about the increase in rent in the metropolitan area. One-bedroom apartment has increased in six years "67%, from about $1,200 to $2,000, according to Zillow’s Rent Index. The median household income during the same period rose only 23%, from $52,280 in 2011 to $64,300 in 2017." In addition to high rents, we can't ignore the monetary crisis that lead our country to housing bubble ten years ago and drove many of these people to find a more affordable place to live or the streets.


Christmas is a time to rejoice. Contrarily, many homeless believe that the holiday season is a torture. It could be lack of company, or it could be bad memories. This year, My New House wants to change that spirit by bringing them joy with a Christmas gift. We will ask donors to donate $30 towards a Warm Winter Bag. Each bag will have the name and last name of the donor and will contain a warm blanket, bottles of water, canned food, a can opener, a flashlight, and personal hygiene products.

Regardless if it was substance dependency, a mental disorder, a shopping spree, or merely bad luck that drove these people to live on the dangerous streets of Los Angeles. My New House desires to care for the ones who don't have a home. Our goal is to raise 1000. We will then distribute these gifts among the homeless of the Los Angeles community during January (after the Holidays). Volunteers are welcome to help during the packing and distribution process.

Homeless Neighbood Distribution (8).jpg