One Income, Many Needs


my new house develops a program that provides free stuff for families who are sustained by one income

Life as a single parent can be overwhelmed by the burden of maneuvering different obligations at once. Typically, these people experience a drastic reduction in their finances following a separation, abandonment, or death. Single parents are fiercely busy caring for their children, maintaining a job, keeping up with the bills, managing the household chores, and some attending school. Despite all their effort, most of these children, drop out of school, get in trouble with authorities or become drug addicts at an early age. Inevitably, it is hard for one person to provide proper supervision and efficient care for all at the same time.

My New House strives to help these families by compensating the additional income. We desire that the lack of resources does not overshadow the bright future of these children. Henceforth, we have developed a program where the head of households and their children can receive free items such as food, furniture, clothing, school supplies, gift cards, admission tickets, and entertainment perks.

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