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Everything FREE Family Event

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Nina Simone is grateful for receiving FREE items at the Everything FREE Family Event. More than a hundred people received free food to take home, personal hygiene products, beauty products, clothes, shower heads, warm blankets, raffles, and pizza

Free Clothes Distribution

Providing a “Hand Up” for the community of Los Angeles

My New House provides multi-focused programs which offer free utilities to fifty approved single-family households in the city of Los Angeles. For homeless people, MNH offers clothing, food, and personal hygiene products for free.  MNH collects clothing, food, and other supplies to support the homeless population in the city of Los Angeles. Our volunteers organize and receive goods from the community in which they sort and distribute to the local homeless population a monthly basis. The supplies are the first step toward a positive change for the homeless and help provide a sense of value so they can start stepping toward changing their situation.

The Single-Parent Head of Household Utility Relief Program benefits households that are supported by one single person either a woman or a man and have children attending school or children with disabilities. The approved beneficiaries receive a year of aid to pay for gas and electricity expenses. The program is available to any approved single parent or head of household with children younger than eighteen. In all their programs, MNH accepts people with or without a social security number, resident card, or citizenship. Applications are due in August, interviews are then performed to determine the most in need, and the awarded relief program is finalized in July. Having a year of utilities covered has helped these households organize their finances and save thousands of dollars toward a get-a-head plan.

I tell my friends, ‘I am going to my new house. They don’t know is a store.
— A homeless woman
Interviews for the Single-Parent Utility Relief Program (2018-2019)

Interviews for the Single-Parent Utility Relief Program (2018-2019)

I save little by little. If I don’t have enough for my rent or utilities, I ask my boss for an advance. If my advance is not enough, I sell things from my home at garage sales. Sometimes I make an extra $15 dollars. This helps.
— R. Reyes, beneficiary of Single-Parent Utility Relief Program
My New House at No Mas! Community Immigration Conference at USC (May 2018)

My New House at No Mas! Community Immigration Conference at USC (May 2018)

We didn’t want to leave without blessing the community we serve. My New House made the invitation to all residents from the Rampart community and customers from Craigslist, 5Miles, Letgo, and OfferUp. People walked in by dozens taking home furniture, office supplies, clothes, shoes, store fixtures, and everything else they found on their way.

My New House works like a chain of blessings, I bless them, they bless me, we bless others.
— J. Zaldana, resident of the community of Rampart
This store has truly found a home in my heart.
— A. Oliva, Volunteer
Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Los Angeles (December 2017)

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Los Angeles (December 2017)