Our Team

Our board consists of three board of directors and four executive team members. These individuals were chosen based on the following criteria: cooperative team spirit, strong work ethic, high moral values, integrity, emotional intelligence, and decision-making capabilities. This criterion facilitates in developing an infrastructure that is in alignment with the corporate governance, promote new opportunities, and innovate.


Board of Executives

Dr. Zorayda Mejia, Founder and CEO of My New House

MarAnthony Aparicio, Public Relations Director at My New House

MarAnthony Aparicio, Public Relations Director at My New House

Concert Coordinator at Immanuel

MarAnthony was born in El Salvador and moved to Los Angeles as a teenager. He attended Belmont High School where he obtained his high school diploma in one year. He later went on to attend Santa Monica City College where he received his Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts, and then transferred to California State University Los Angeles where he acquired his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a Minor in Economy.

A retired surfer, MarAnthony serves this astonishing LA landmark – Immanuel Presbyterian Church – as the Concert Coordinator. He is also the founder and CEO of Cleaning Solutions Services.

MarAnthony loves the movie entertainment. He is always up to date with the new releases and celebrities news. His Instagram and Facebook pages often reveal his endeavors with celebrities. Watching the Oscars is in his priority list. He never misses one. MarAnthony is also a melómano (music lover) a true passionate at heart about life in general.

A Trailblazing globetrotter whose adventurous tales cover more than thirty European cities, Central America, Cuba, a World Cup – Brazil 2014 – Russia 2018 – and other places. His passions include business PR and nonprofits as well as helping the community, visiting and interacting with different cultures, history, social media, entertainment, arts, education, sports, technology, exercising, socializing, DJing, collecting and more.

Tania Priego, Finance Director at My New House

Tania Priego, Finance Director at My New House

Accounting Manager at Fox TV

Tania was born in El Salvador and came to Hollywood, California at the age of three after fleeing her country from the civil war. In the late 80’s, Gangs, prostitutes, and drug dealers infested the streets of Hollywood. She attended Bancroft Middle School where she became involved with the local gang members causing her grades to drop as well as neglecting school attendance for weeks. At the time, she didn’t acknowledge the importance of an education. Until one day, a concerned teacher notified her parents about her dangerous endeavors. Her parents contacted the police to intervene. After seeing the frustration and disappointment of her parents, Tania realized that things had to change. Soon, she joined the LAPD explorer program. It was the best decision she had ever made. Her life made a complete turn. She then started to help in humanitarian projects, which consisted of helping other young rebellious children to stay in school. Tania graduated from Fairfax High School. Later, she attended Santa Monica College and then pursued her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Phoenix. In the present, Tania is the Accounting Manager at FOX TV studios. During tax season, Tania has her hands full assisting her faithful customers. Tania married her high school sweetheart, Victor Priego. She is a mother of two daughters. She is a strong woman, caring mother and loving wife, and wonderful friend. She loves spending time with her friends, family, hosting parties, and hanging out with her spoiled dogs.

Marlen Mejia, Operations Director at My New House

Marlen Mejia, Operations Director at My New House

Dental Technician at self-employer

Gladys Marlen Mejia was born in San Salvador, El Salvador.  Marlen is Zorayda's twin sister. She comes from a hard-working business family with Palestine background.  In her childhood, Marlen was actively involved in various charitable activities including food and clothes distribution to the poor during the war and floods in El Salvador. In 1989, at the culmination of the war in El Salvador, the Mejia's house and business were destroyed.  While the family struggled to meet end needs, Marlen and Zorayda were sent to their grandparent's home in Los Angeles to complete High School. In 1992, Marlen earned her high school diploma from Hollywood High School. Later, she received an Associate of Science Degree in Dental Technology at Los Angeles City College, LACC.  After three years, Marlen obtained a certification in Advanced Prosthodontics, Maxillofacial, and Implantology Laboratory at University California Los Angeles, UCLA. Her passion is to help others. She currently assists in the coordination of Family Day of Joy, and church events. These are community events where families receive everything free, clothes, shoes, dental cleaning, personal hygiene, showers for homeless, food, meals, immigration assistance, and much more. Her vision is to assist her sister's organization, My New House, in the development of a dental clinic where the most disadvantaged will receive an affordable dental prosthesis and dental services.

Board of Directors